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I enthusiastically recommend working with Ryan.  By utilizing his expansive knowledge, talent for interpersonal relations, and soulful kindness, I’m sure you’ll find out more about yourself than you ever thought possible.  I know this because I’ve experienced first-hand the transformative nature of the Self-Soul-Spirit model with Ryan as my guide!  

- Capt. Dennis S. Whitt, Jr. (USA, Ret.)

Ryan Holsapple and his work with Dr. Strachan’s sub-personality model has fundamentally changed the way that I have this internal conversation with myself. He helped my transform my life by understanding why we have these debates, where these different “voices” come from, and most importantly, how to navigate the conversation quickly and confidently so that I can easily make positive changes to better my life.

-Satisfied Client

My stepson experienced a lot of turbulence growing up and Ryan stepped in with grace and real world skills to help mentor him. Ryan was able to share mutual experiences and really give him a hand up into healthier relating. Thanks Ryan, I'm so grateful for the help you gave to our family!

-Satisfied Client

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