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  • Ryan specializes in working with young men and women seeking to create a purposeful, passionate, and meaningful life. Using the self/soul/spirit psychology approach, he helps clients understand how their personality works and ways in which they may direct themselves towards meaningful living. The process involves creating awareness and developing experiences that facilitate personal growth, self responsibility, and authenticity.  This results in whole brain integration and progress towards the client's self created goals. 

  • Ryan works with his clients on an individualized basis that focuses on the unique life circumstances at hand and applies various tools gained from years of experience and training.​​​​​ 

  • Ryan works in person as well as over video-conferencing and phone calls. 

  • To learn more about approach, practice, and theory, check out the Transformational Psychology Podcast.


  • Each session is typically 1-2 hours.

  • Intake sessions focus less on progress and more on collecting information and setting the stage.

  • Longer and more intensive sessions are created with clients as needed. If clients enjoy nature-connection there may be a period in which there is a half or full day of wilderness immersion. There may be other sessions wherein a longer subpersonality gestalt process is helpful. 

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